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[Coaching] The Alignment Experience


This experience is the next level magic you’ve been asking for!

Whether you’ve had a reading with me or not, this experience is going to transform your life.

Where are you feeling frustrated, bitter, angry or just dissatisfied with your life?

We dive deep into what’s holding you back, keeping you stuck facing the same problems and challenges. Where are you playing small? What is the subconscious programming that’s been running on repeat, preventing you from reaching next level success, satisfaction, peace and surprise?

This experience is all about YOU! Which means each experience, each month is completely different. Nothing is cookie cutter. It all depends on where you’re at, what your energy type is, and what you need to help you move through where you are so you can come out shining.

It’s time to stop looking outward and start seeing yourself for who you are, deep deep down.

I see you and you are incredible.

6 week intensive (1 session/week)

3 month slower dive (1 session every 2 weeks)

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