Choose to see your breakdowns as breakthroughs.

Let it Up, Let it Out

Was it just me or was last week particularly hard emotionally? The isolation really got to me. I miss seeing my friends and my family. I miss going places other than the grocery store. Most of all I miss physical touch.

As I rode the waves of emotions that were coming up, I was reminded by a good friend and mentor of mine that in order to release the emotions and the fear based thoughts that most likely accompany them, you must first feel it.

How can we get rid of that which we will not face? Yes it is easier to shove it down and pretend that you’re fine. I’ve definitely tried that in the past. Sooner or later, though, it becomes too much to contain and it comes out in one big rush.

Think about all the times you’ve been angry or sad or worried or any other emotion you deem as being too negative to show. Every time it comes up, instead of acknowledging it and allowing it to flow through you and out of you, you push it down. Over and over. Until finally, KABOOM! You end up yelling at a random person or your loved ones, or you find yourself crying uncontrollably or wallowing in what ifs and worry.

We are human beings and human beings are hard wired to feel all sorts of emotions. How would you know what happiness feels like if you didn’t have sadness to compare it to? Instead of choosing which emotions you want to feel and which you don’t, we must allow all emotions to come and move through us.

We encounter problems when we allow our fear based thoughts to hold on to these “negative” emotions and drag us down, down, down.

Emotions and thoughts are like clouds in the sky. They come and go and come again. Somedays our sky is cloudless, bright and blue with the sun shining down on us. Other times our sky is dark and stormy. But just as storms do not last forever, neither do our thoughts and emotions.

I invite you to start allowing your emotions out when you feel them. Allow them to move through you, knowing they are not here to stay.
The sun will shine again.

With Love,

Letting your emotions out is one thing. In order to truly release them you must face the fear based thoughts that are causing these emotions to come up.

The next time you find yourself feeling angry, sad, worried or any other “negative” emotion, take some time and write down exactly what your mind is telling you.

Some common limiting beliefs and fear based narratives are:

I’m not good enough
I’m too old
I’m not loveable
I’m not smart enough
This will never end
Why am I here?

Write down anything and everything that comes up for you. Don’t sensor it. Don’t even really think about it. Allow your pen to flow freely.

When you are done, take the paper to your sink or outside, give THANKS, yes that’s right, give thanks for the courage it took to face these fears and thoughts, and then BURN that paper and watch as all your fears burn with it.