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Welcome to my little corner of the digital universe. What can I say? I LOVE books and I LOVE to draw! So naturally it makes sense that I would want to combine my two passions and create books for children.

My love started from a young age and it has become my passion to continue to share the world of books with anyone and everyone—especially children. Children are so perceptive and honest, sometimes not always in the way we’d like. But most of all, children are so pure and innocent. I want to create books that captivate their growing imaginations while keeping their innocence intact for as long as possible. In the digital age I think children’s books are more important than ever.

Another one of my passions is travelling. To combine these loves is a personal challenge of mine. I have travelled all over Canada and America, toured around Europe, lived in Australia, and spent a lot of time (and money) in South East Asia. I love to experience new cultures, learn new languages and see the way other people live and what brings happiness to their lives.

For in the end, a life without happiness (or books) is no life at all.